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Dental Milling Machine

X-MILL 220 four-axis Dry Milling
Sample Wax for testing, Operation Manual, Hyperdent Software, 30L Water Tank, Vacuum (Optional)
  • Dimension : 640 * 560 * 520mm
  • Net Weight : Appx. 150kg
  • Input voltage : single-phase AC 220V 50/60Hz
  • Spindle power : 1.5KW
  • Number of machining axes : 4 axes
  • Milling range : XYZ: 125/130 / 80mm A: 360 0
  • Milling methods : dry Milling
  • Maximum feed rate : 6000 mm/min
  • Processing materials : zirconia, wax, PMMA, soft metal
  • Bur Changing : Automatic
  • Bur capacity : 3
  • Average processing time : zirconia: 8min wax: 3min
  • Spindle cooling : Water cooling


AutoScan DS-EX with Exocad Software

AutoScan-DS-EX is an unexpectedly cost-effective option for the dental market. This brand new 3D dental scanner will amaze the dental world with its unmatched small footprint and unprecedented light-weight. This will make it the ideal scanning solution for any dental service bureau and labs with restricted space.
  • Model: AL-DF10
  • Camera resolution : 1.3 mega pixel
  • Accuracy : <15 µm
  • Scanning Range : 100 mm*100 mm*75 mm
  • Scanning Time : Bite 18 s; Upper /Lower Jaw: 42 s; 1-8 dies: 42 s; Impression: 90 s
  • Scanning Principle : Structured Light 3D Scanning
  • Temperature : 10 •c to 30 •c(higher temperature will affect the scanning result)
  • Dimension 260 mm * 270 mm * 420 mm


Sintering Furnace HTCT 01/16

High-Temperature Furnaces with SiC Rod Heating for Sintering Zirconia up to 1550 °C
  • Tmax 1550°C
  • Working temperature 1500 °C, increased wear and tear must be expected in case of working at higher temperatures.
  • Furnace chamber lined with first-class, long-life fiber material, unclassified.
  • Housing made of sheets of textured stainless steel.
  • Single-phase connection.
  • Dual shell housing for low external temperatures and high stability.
  • Easy replacement of heating rods.
  • Adjustable air inlet opening, exhaust air opening in the roof.



Dental Investment Material for Crown & Bridge
  • Net Weight : 400g/pouche
  • Carton Contains : 30 pouches and 3 ltr Liquid
  • Mixture Ratio
  • Powder : Liquid
  • 100 gm : 24-25 ml


Apex Locator

Dr's Finder provide accurate with newest technology. Dr's Finder is the best solution for endodontic treatment. Compact Size.Rechargeable Battery,Color OLED screen.
  • Model: AL-DF10
  • Power Source: 3.7V Lithium-polymer
  • Ac adapter: 5V 1A
  • Main Unit: Lenght (Approx. 55 x 85 x 21 mm) weight (Approx. 56g)
  • File hook: Lenght (Approx. 56g)
  • Lip hook: Lenght (Approx. 65g)
  • Probe cord: Lenght (Approx. 1.3m)


Focus HT

The ShenPaz porcelain firing furnace, FOCUS 4010 is an ideal and very reliable solution if you’re limited in space, a just starting out laboratory or looking for a cost effective solution to high quality firing. duplicating systems.
  • Dimensions (WxHxD): 23x57x27cm (9”x22”x9.5”)
  • Display screen: 3.5”
  • Firing chamber: Ø 95mm x 65mm/h (Ø 3.7”x2.6”mm/h)
  • Firing table: Ø 90mm (Ø 3.5“)
  • Max Temp: from 1200°C (2192°F)
  • Max Firing Temp: 1180°C (2156°F)


Zirking All-Ceramic Zirconia

Zirking, made from 100% Tosoh Japan, premium quality at an affordable price!!! The Zirking All-Ceramic Zirconia Block is used by dental technician in the lab and milling center for making dental restorations such as zirconia all-ceramic crowns and bridges.
  • Crystalline Size : 0.36μm
  • Density :Sintered density 6.07 g/cm3
  • Vikers Hardness Hv10:1250
  • Flexural Strength : HT 1200MPa HS 1400 Mpa
  • Fracture Strength : 5Mpa*m1/2
  • CTE: 10.5±0.5*10-6


Star Bond

Nickel based dental alloy for ceramic
Alloy for ceramics , absolutely Nickel free.Highly Resistant to corrosion and heat with a low conductivity. Having ideal thermal expansion coefficient so can be used with all last generation ceramics. Widely appreciated by Dental technician.
  • Ni : 63
  • Cr:25
  • Mo: 9
  • Si: 2
  • Nb:1


Models: C7 L

Automatic frequency tracking, comfortable use High-quality spare parts, Exquisite production, working stable, L3 detachable H/P, Aluminum a alloy LED H/P , detachable H/P can be autoclaved under high temp.
  • Input: 24v
  • Output Power: 3-20w
  • Frequency: 28-31khz
  • Function: Scaling&Perio
  • Scaler tips: T series


Four Seasons(Water Mix)

Nobilium’s FOUR SEASONS Investment has been successfully used in quality dental labs for many years. Due to its well-distributed, small practical size, Four Seasons assures a smooth surface and an accurate is also compatible with Silicone duplicating systems.
  • Phosphate Bounded
  • Smooth Surface
  • Accurate Casting
  • Compatible with silicone duplicating systems


D+Z Diamond Burs

    For conservative and prosthetic tooth treatment the D+Z range includes all popular shapes & sizes in medium, coarse, fine, extra -fine & ultra-fine grit & shank types RA, FG and FG short.
  • Dental Diamond Burs
  • Made of natural diamond powder with high hardness to guarantee the sharpness of burs
  • The shanks are made of top-grade stainless steel, which are hard and tensile and don't break or bend easily or never rusty
  • The diamond burs are consist of shank and working head .


LM Cutting Disk

Medium grit size alluminium oxide with rasin bonding, super fine quality , user friendly.
  • 100 piece/ box

  • Size
  • 32 x 2.2, 40 x 1.0, 35 x 0.7


LM Separating Disk

For cutting of non- precious alloys, fine thin shape for smooth working, super fine quality , user friendly.
  • 100 piece/ box

  • Size
  • 25 x 0.6, 25 x 0.7 , 


Shofu Vintage Halo Shade Guide

Vintage Halo Shade Guide includes an expanded shade system that attempts to overcome the limitations of the conventional Vita classical shade system with the supplementary range of "Red Shift" and Value Plus" shades
  • Vintage Halo Shade Guide
    • 19 colours [PN 7041]
    • Individually packed with a Gumy indicator
  • Vintage Halo Red Shift Shade Guide
    • 10 Shades [PN 7042]
  • Vintage Halo Value Plus Shade Guide
    • 9 shades [PN 7043]


Shofu Vintage Art Basic Color Set

The Vintage Art Basic Color Set consists of 17 bottles to adjust the shade of the restoration to mimic the shade characteristics of natural theeth.
Vintage Art Basic Color Set [PN 6510] Contains:
Base Color Stain x 8(Pink, Yellow, Blue, Orange, Violet, Green, White, black),Color Stains x 3 (Dark Red Brown, Orange Brown & Khaki), Shade Stains x 5(A-shade, B-shade, C-shade, D-shade, & R-shade), Glazing Paste, Vintage Art Stain Liquid 50ml, Shade color card & Instructions

Refills: Vintage Art Basic Color Stain Shades 3gm
Base Color Stain: Pink, Blue, Orange, Violet, Green, White, Black .
Color Stains: Dark Red Brown, Orange Brown, Khaki .
Shade Stains:A-Shade, B-shade, C-shade, D-shade, R-shade .
Glazing Paste: .
Vintage Art Stain Liquid:50ml


Shofu Vintage Art Effect Color Set

The Vintage Art Effect Color Set consists of 16 bottles to adjust the shade of the coping to achive specific indiviual characterizations.
Vintage Art Effective Color Set [PN 6511] Contains:
Glazing Paste x 1, Base Color Stain x 1(Grey),Color Stains x 9 (Wine Red, Black Brown, Blue Gray, Corn Yellow, Brown, Mamelon Pink, Mamelon Ivory, Rose pink, Pink Orange), Foundation Shade Stains x 5(A-shade, B-shade, C-shade, D-shade, & R-shade), Vintage Art Stain Liquid 50ml, Shade color card & Instructions & Instructions

Refills: Vintage Art Effect Color Stain Shades 3gm
Base Color Stain: Grey .
Base Color Stains: Dark Red Brown, Orange Brown, Khaki .
Shade Stains:A-Shade, B-shade, C-shade, D-shade, R-shade .
Glazing Paste: .
Vintage Art Stain Liquid:50ml


Shofu Vintage MP Enamel Effect Set

The Vintage MP Enamel Effect Set consists of 19 bottles of opalescent effect,enamel effect and cervical translucent powders for individualized optical effects.
Vintage MP Enamel Effect Set Contains:
OpalEffect 15gm x 9, Enamel Effect 15gm x 5 Cervical Trans 15 gm x 5

Refills: Vintage MP Enamel Effect Shades 15gm 5gm 200gm
Opal effect: Opal T, opal SL . . .
Opal Effect: Opal OC, Opal WE, Opal WB, Opal MI, Opal AM-Y, Opal AM-V, Opal AM-R . .
Enamel Effect:T-Glass . . .
Enamel Effect: BT,PT,GT,OT . .
Cervical Trans:CT-CL, CT-W, CT-A, CT-B, CT-R . .

Shofu Vintage MP Color Effect Set

The Vintage MP Color Effect Set consists of 14 bottles,Effect colours are designed to individualize and cervical powders while supplementary gum colours help to simulate natural gingiva
Vintage MP Color Effect Color Set Contains:
Color Effect 15gm x 10, Gum Color 15gm x 4

Refills: Vintage MP Color Effect Shades 15gm
Color Effect: W, O, Br, Y, BI, G, MP, MY, MIv, R .
Gum Color : Gum-LP, Gum-DP, Gum-V, Gum-Or .


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